in association with Yale World Fellows and
the Yale Alumni Association
is pleased to present
 Vision, Values, Voice:
Women Changing a Changing World
April 19-20, 2013
Washington, D.C.
Capital Hilton
Read 22 Moments from the 2013 YaleWomen Conference:

1. When you hit your limit and keep working through it, you realize that wasn't your limit. Roz Savage, World Fellow

2. Most have long heard of the old boys’ network. We have the power to create the new sisters’ alliance.
Linda Koch Lorimer ’77 JD

3. There's a sense of security in younger women that we have reached full equality. That's a false security.
Hon. Sonia Sotomayor ’79 JD

4. Philanthropy v. charity: charity has a way of reinforcing the inequities you're trying to take down.
Abigail Disney ’82 BA

5. The top 5 NGOs in the world control $7B, employ 200K...but none are run by women.
Sisonke Msimang, World Fellow

6. Pick bosses rather than positions.
Gina Boswell ’89 MPPM

7. Be unabashedly biased to your gender. Push the agenda.
Subhashini Chandran, World Fellow

8. I asked, why did a man and a woman earn different salaries? He said: I made them the same offer. He negotiated; she accepted.
Donna Dubinsky ’77 BA

9. The U.S. needs to be a leader in women's healthcare research.
Sonali Kochhar, World Fellow

10. Every health condition should be studied through the gender lens.
Carolyn M. Mazure

11. Reach back. Take what you've learned and pull a girl up with you.
Anna Maria Chávez ’90 BA

12. We have to recognize there's a range of effective women's leadership styles: aggressive to more quiet.
Kimberly Goff-Crews ’83 BA, ’86 JD

13. To retain women in higher positions, improve the "climate" – deal with conscious and unconscious biases.
Priyamvada Natarajan

14. A university where the faculty is half women is a more excellent and academically advanced university.
Peter Salovey ’83 MS, ’84 MPhil, ’86 PhD

15. Reculer pour mieux sauter: lean back in order to jump higher.
Arianna Huffington

16. When women are 30% of an institution that is a tipping point. Women still represent only 20% of Congress.
Rep. Rosa DeLauro

17. Senegal passed a law requiring 50/50 candidates in 2012. In one election, women [in the legislature] jumped from 13% to 40%.
Kah Walla

18. If anybody asks if you're a feminist, just say yes.
Hon. Margaret H. Marshall ’76 JD, ’12 LLDH

19. To court justice for equality, we assume there are courts; they're functioning; and they care about equality.
Judith Resnik

20. [Ask:] Why don’t women win Pulitzers? It's like asking about female bylines – it makes editors uncomfortable. Keep asking.
Jane Mayer ’77 BA

21. Nixon vetoed it because he was going to China. That's the last time this country considered a national childcare act.
Betsy West

22. 55,000 YaleWomen can change the world. Now let’s go do it!
Ellen Gibson McGinnis ’82 BA

To view the amazing footage from the 2013 YaleWomen Conference, click to play the video below, produced by Phoebe Shackeroff Reese '98, camera/editing: Hugo Perez/M30A Films, LLC:


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